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Parking Lot Repairs

Parking Lot Repairs

If you live in Northwest Ohio, you’re no stranger to potholes. Potholes are a very common problem, aggravated by colder temperatures and increased precipitation. As we head into winter, snow makes for slippery roads and parking lots, so business owners need to be aware of these potential hazards and consider customer safety.

As weather is getting colder, precipitation turns into snow, and the likelihood of accidents increases. While most business owners maintain their interior space and have their parking lots shoveled, there are other hazards that are sometimes forgotten. Which brings us back to potholes.

Cracks and potholes are the most common parking lot problem. In fact, cold nights followed by warmer days is very hard on pavement and asphalt. The constant change in temperature causes the asphalt to fluctuate between freezing and thawing, which results in movement that eventually shows up as cracks and potholes.

It’s also common for catch basins to fail in the winter which can cause unsafe conditions including an increased risk of people slipping.

To avoid these problems and prevent liabilities, here are a few tips that business owners should keep in mind:

  1. Monitor parking lot surfaces regularly. Watch for cracks and holes as once these problems being, they can deteriorate quickly.
  2. Hire a professional to repair issues quickly. Sometimes owners try to fill holes with gravel or stone which can quickly loosen and spread the pothole.
  3. Mark potholes with cones to help drivers avoid the areas.
  4. Place flags along curbs to help snowplowing companies to avoid them when plowing.
  5. Ask the snow removal company to pile snow in areas where the melt will run toward the grass rather than refreeze on the parking lot.

E&K Contractors is just a call away should you have issues with your parking lot. We can assist you if you have cracked concrete, asphalt or catch basin problems.  Our experts can provide you with a quote and solution to keep your customers safe and secure.

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