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There are times when opening a clogged sewer line is not possible. If the line has collapsed, it will be necessary to excavate and replace the sewer line.

E & K Contractors has the experience and equipment to handle commercial and residential excavation and sewer & water line replacement.

A ruptured water main or low water pressure due to a deteriorated water main may require excavation and a water main replacement.  E & K Contractors has over forty years of plumbing and excavation experience working on Foundations, Ditches, Culverts, Ponds , Site Preparation, and Grading.

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E & K Contractors offers Fast, Clean, Safe and Affordable Commercial Demolition. We will show up and do the job we were hired to do. Our team of fully trained and insured professionals can tear down, remove, andrip apart anything you need. Whether by hand, or with the help of machinery, we will get the job done while keeping it clean. We do everything from garage tear downs to large structure tear downs. Call E & K Contractors today if you need service in Lucas County or other locations in Northwest Ohio.

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