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Bad Weather Demolition

How Weather Affects Excavation & Demolition

Whenever a site is being prepared for demolition or a new structure, there are health and safety risks to be concerned with. One of the safety risks is weather which can play a very signification role, possibly increasing the chances of an accident or injury. Some of the conditions that play a role include:

  • Heavy Rain & Fog
  • Lightning
  • Strong Winds
  • Temperature

We all know how unpleasant it can be to do any task in the rain but in a construction zone, it adds danger. There is the potential for reduced visibility for drivers and crane operators and can also lead to fog conditions.

Fog can be particularly dangerous as it greatly reduces visibility for everyone leading to changes in reaction time and inability to see edges of roads, or the ability to see oncoming vehicles in time to get out of the way.

During excavation and demolition projects, there is an abundance of metal equipment meaning the risk of taller, higher equipment, such as cranes, is at risk of being struck by lightning, causing electrocution, fires, or explosions as a result.

Strong winds can prevent several hazards. Winds can cause materials such as roofing materials, to blow around. Workers can be blown to the side creating the potential for a fall or simply cause them to lose their balance. Dust and debris can be blown about potentially causing eye irritations or aggravating allergies.

Whether too cold, or too hot, extremes of temperature can directly or indirectly increase the probability of an accident.

In hot temperatures, workers may suffer from dehydration or sunstroke. Both conditions can affect judgement and reaction times, both of which are vital on a construction site. Heat can also cause works to cool down by removing protective gear such as hard hats or reflective wear, increasing the odds of injury.

Cold temperatures can result in frost-bite, windburn and more making it more difficult to work in. In the case of either extreme, hot or cold, demolition and excavation equipment may fail to work properly or break down completely. This costs time, money and safety on the job.

Safety if of primary concern when on a demolition site or while excavating a property. Weather can create unforeseen problems and delays and even with the most comprehensive plan, effective project management and safety equipment, the risk of accidents and injuries is very real.

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  1. That’s a good point that the wind could throw workers off-balance. I feel like that could make working around a big pit pretty dangerous. I’ll have to make sure that if I have someone come to excavate and foundation for me that they don’t work when it’s too windy.

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