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Concrete Slabs Or Floors

Concrete Slabs Or Floors

When it comes to projects, many homeowners are fearless, and go head long into do-it-yourself mode. There are many repair jobs and projects that are well-suited for the weekend DIY, but some are not. One example is DIY concrete work.

Successful pouring of concrete slabs or floors require time, patience, careful measurements and calculations because failures and inexperience can be costly to repair or demolish. When you hire us to install your concrete floor or slab, it is not only more cost effective, but it is done properly the first time.

Besides the inexperience, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional to do your work:

  • Pulling permits – many projects require proper building permits
  • Proper mixing
  • Building concrete forms
  • Determining if your project requires reinforcements like rebar
  • Decorative accents – we can add staining, stamping, engraving or polishing to your finished project
  • Allow for the concrete to cure properly
  • Calculate optimal drying times

There are three common DIY mistakes:

  1. Before concrete is poured, a form must be built for the project. Knowing the maximum dimensions of the form is critical to prevent any slumping and cracking of the final project.  A very common mistake is to make the pad too large.
  2. Another mistake is failing to make the concrete form level. The sides of the forms must be carefully laid out in order for your finished project to be level. Also, the foundation must be leveled so that the concrete won’t be too deep in some spots, or to shallow in others. Both will cause uneven drying and deformation.
  3. Often in haste, it can be tempting to bypass carefully measuring, and instead just add water to a dry concrete mix until it ‘looks about right.’ Unfortunately, improperly mixed concrete is more likely to crack. Sometimes cracks can be filled and repaired, but if the foundation or slap is supporting a structure, it requires a major repair, which can be costly to fix.

It takes time to plan, measure, pour, and finish the concrete correctly. At EK Contractors, we know the value of doing the job right.

As concrete professionals, we are experienced, we get the job done in a proper amount of time, and we have the right equipment. It is more than a wheelbarrow and a level. To ensure the proper finish, you need the proper tools. We understand the characteristics of concrete, and are extremely knowledgeable of the ever-changing weather in Toledo, Ohio and the affect it has on your finished project.

There are some projects that do-it-yourself homeowners should simply consider hiring a professional to complete and concrete work is certainly one of them.   When you hire us, you can be sure that the work will actually look like you envisioned.

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