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Pond Excavation

Understanding Pond Excavation

Do you wish to have a pond in your home’s backyard? Well, the process might not be as easy as you may think. When speaking of pond building, many people assume that it is all about digging a large hole and filling it up with water. While that is technically correct, building a backyard pond is so much more than that. Even before the shovel can hit the ground, the site must be assessed. Often, a laser level is used to determine the high and low areas to position the pond correctly. As you can see, it is not that simple!

Digging or Excavation?
When it comes to pond construction, homeowners often get confused between pond digging and pond excavation. Pond digging is often rushed and requires no special planning or skill. As a result, people try to dig on their own as this is more cost-effective than excavation. On the other hand, excavation requires a great deal of planning and strategizing as well as the proper equipment and knowledge so that the pond’s structural integrity can be maintained.

It is worth noting that excavation is a more intricate process, and only those with skill and experience can perform it effectively and efficiently. Often, in excavation, excavators try to put the dirt and other materials that are removed to the best use. They also save the materials so they can find a use for them in the later stages of the process. The depths, shelves, tunnels, and caves are created to make an artistic water feature in excavation.

Excavated ponds are ideal for areas where the water demand is small. They are also suited for locations where evaporation losses are high because they are built to expose a minimum water surface in proportion to their volume. Excavated ponds often have a smaller practical size because they are created solely through excavation. Their compactness, safety from flood flow damage, and low maintenance make them the most popular type of ponds among homeowners in our community.

Why Do You Need a Professional?
Sometimes, you needn’t dig too deep before hitting rocky soil and many individuals do not know how to deal with the situation. That is why hiring a professional will be beneficial because soil can be … surprising. Unlike digging, pond excavation requires the experience and knowledge of the trained professionals to excavate on various types of soil.

If you are looking for a well-positioned and functional pond, you will have to rely on professional excavators as they have the equipment to excavate safely and quickly. They even have access to heavy-duty, construction-grade equipment that makes excavation on larger areas more efficient and quicker.

Are you looking for experienced pond excavators in Toledo, Ohio? If yes, look no further because E&K Contractors has you covered. We have a team of skilled pond excavators who have been serving the people for  40 years.  If you want to leverage our services, you just need to give us a call at (419) 474-9454.