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Wrecking Ball

The Process Of Demolition

You might think that all construction projects start by laying the foundation, but that is not true. Some construction projects actually begin with the demolition! Sometimes, the demolition of an existing building is required to build a new building on the same site. Unlike destruction, demolition systematically destroys a building while preserving valuable elements for reuse purposes.

How Is Demolition Performed?
Does the word “demolition” bring images of explosives in your head? If it does, you aren’t alone. Demolition can involve a series of pre-planned explosions to make a building collapse most safely. With explosives, the structural elements become weak, and the building can be quickly brought down. That being said, demolition does not always involve the use of explosives. While smaller buildings can be demolished using cranes and bulldozers, larger buildings often require wrecking balls to be brought down. These wrecking balls are connected to a crane using a cable which the crane operator swings back and forth to “wreck” the building down.

Site Preparation
Before a building is demolished, the site must be adequately prepared for a successful demolition. This includes obtaining permits, conducting the site survey, and verifying that all the utilities have been relocated. Site prepping is critical and may take weeks or even months to be done right. The building must be stripped off the copper wiring, and other harmful objects, such as glass, must be removed to ensure all workers’ safety. And if the building is to be demolished through an explosion, the explosives must be drilled on the selected columns on the floor. Demolition companies try to use as few explosives as possible so that the structure collapses progressively.

For the most part, every professional demolition contractor provides a site clean-up after the building’s demolition. This is a dangerous process, along with being time-consuming. Post-demolition work includes the removal of debris and abatement of asbestos (if any). The removal of the debris consists of the cleaning up of bricks, concrete, and wood. Other scrap metals and mercury materials are also taken to a separate dumpsite. If the site contains lead-based paint or asbestos, the workers need to be more careful. These materials are hazardous; therefore, they should be taken care of using specialized procedures. They should be abated as per the laws of the area where the site is located.

Why hire a professional?
If you want the building to be demolished right the first time, you will need to hire professionals. They are aware of all the safety precautions and state-mandated regulations, so you should contact them before initiating the process. They will also help you demolish the building most efficiently and safely as they have knowledge, training, and the right equipment.

At E&K Contractors, we provide commercial and residential demolition services to residents in Toledo, OH and surrounding communities.  We have a team of insured and skilled professionals with over 40 years of experience who can demolish the building without any mistakes. To leverage our services, call us at (419) 474-9454.