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Pouring Concrete

The Right Time To Pour Concrete

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to pour concrete, we are here to help. Is there a right time, bad time, better time to have this done? That is a valid question and we have the answers.

The right time to pour concrete depends on the weather. In Toledo and the surrounding areas, that changes as day changes to night, or so it seems.

Considering that concrete needs to dry once it is poured, you may think that a hot sunny day is the ideal choice. This is actually not true, as the best possible conditions come when the temperature is consistently in the 50s and the skies are cloudy.

If you are to have your concrete poured on a day when it is hot, or even cold for that matter, it can end up not being good for the lifespan of your driveway, parking lot, or patio. The wind also needs to be factored in, because if it’s blowing too hard, it can cause too much water to evaporate from the concrete too quickly, leading to shrinkage cracks.

The key to pouring concrete is (among other factors) to avoid extreme weather. That typically rules out July and January. Again, there have been years where January has been unseasonably warm, and July unseasonably cool, but that is not the standard.

Does that mean that pouring in extreme temperatures is out of the question? The answer is not necessarily. We take precautions to ensure in extreme heat the concrete is mixed properly with water at a colder temperature, and we can then employ the use of sprinklers to keep the concrete moist or use wet burlap for a few days. It takes the eye of a professional to know how to do this properly. We do not recommend pouring when the ground is frozen, as there are far more complications with that.

With the scorching summers and freezing winters seemingly out of the question, that leaves the spring or fall for the optimal time to pour concrete. April and May are great times to pour, though spring rains can present challenges as too much moisture on a newly poured slab can weaken the final product.

September typically wins the ‘when is the right time to pour concrete’ race. With generally moderate temperatures, and lower rates of precipitation, September truly is a good month. Therefore, if you are planning a new driveway, would like to have a new parking lot done, or building a new home, you may want to begin your concrete project in September.

Of course, here at E & K Contractors, we are glad to come out and survey your needs for your upcoming concrete project at any time of the year. We are experts when it comes to the proper installation of patios, driveways, walls, foundations, patios, etc. Call us today to schedule an appointment and we will provide you an accurate estimate for your project.

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  1. That’s good to know that you want consistency in the weather. I feel like it would be good to let it sit for a while with little change in temperature. I’ll have to look at the weather if I decide to have a new driveway paved.

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