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Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing Emergencies Can Shut Your Business Down

Drain or plumbing emergencies can strike out of the blue. Most of the common issues are due to normal, everyday wear.

However, picture this. You are the owner of a small, boutique style restaurant that caters to the late night, summer fun crowd. There are people lined up waiting for tables, and the dance floor is moving.

The next thing you know, the kitchen manager tells you that there is water coming up from the main drain. This will stop the music in a moment. Could this have been avoided? What do you do?

There are many worries that come with being a business owner. Things like:

  1. Keeping it running efficiently
  2. Managing your employees
  3. Engaging and keeping happy clientele

Because of that, sometimes the routine items like plumbing, fall away from the forefront of your thinking when it comes to the day-to-day tasks of keeping your doors open, and remaining successful.

Commercial systems see more wear and tear than residential plumbing systems, and not maintaining them properly can become costly plumbing emergencies.

Being proactive with your maintenance pays off. Staying on top of commercial plumbing and drain systems is a must. Damage from water can cost more than a days’ worth of work. Gaining the momentum back after a shut-down can be difficult.

The most common plumbing and drain problems will strike when you least expect them to. These problems include a variety of issues like leaky faucets, silent leaks, sump tank failure, clogged toilets, backed up grease traps, and more. Any of these issues can become a plumbing emergency if left unchecked.

Drips or leaks:
Though not the most serious of emergencies, when left unchecked they can intensify over time. Dripping faucets can cost money in wasted water, and at the extreme end, lead to a more serious plumbing emergency. If there is a lot of water leaking, it’s an emergency. A minor leak that you cannot locate warrants a call to a professional sooner rather than later.

Standing water:
As with the case of your kitchen drain, standing water in a sink or around the drain in the floor is an emergency. An unattended leak is the number one culprit behind standing water. Another cause is backed up or plugged drains. Standing water can cause permanent structural damage, and can become a fire hazard if left unchecked.

Malfunctioning hot water heater:
There are multiple reasons why a malfunctioning hot water heater is a plumbing emergency. Though rare, a hot water heater can explode. A more likely emergency, however, is a faulty thermostat that allows the water to get too hot, which can cause your employees and guests to be scalded. On the other hand, if the water isn’t getting hot enough, it can be a sanitary issue, especially in a kitchen.

When faced with any of these issues, you should immediately:

  1. Shut off your main water supply
  2. Shut off the main power supply
  3. If your hot water heater is gas, turn off the supply

All of these can stop your business in its tracks, not just a restaurant. Keep on top of your plumbing and drains and you’ll be less likely to experience a plumbing emergency.