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Four Factors For A Water Line Repair Decision

Four Factors For A Water Line Repair Decision

Deciding if you should repair or replace your water lines isn’t always an easy decision. As property owners, you are faced with that question whenever the water lines require attention. Also, you may not know whether a partial repair makes sense, or if the entire line should be replaced.

There are some guidelines that you can follow, along with some sound advice. Armed with the information you’ve gathered, you are better prepared to decide whether you should be replacing water lines or repairing them.  Here’s four factors for making a water line repair decision:

  • The age of the existing water main
  • Whether the line been repaired before
  • The cost difference between repair and replace
  • The materials from which the existing lines are made

Age of the pipes:
The typical life of a water line is about fifty years. Therefore, if your service line is over fifty, then it may not be a good candidate for repair. If your existing pipes are made from lead or galvanized, you may also want to consider replacement.

It’s also important to consider that connecting new lines to older lines may not be a good option, as they become brittle with age.

Previous repairs:
Whether the line’s been repaired before should be a factor in your decision making. Once an older line has been worked on, it is much more prone to break again.

The cost comparison:
Without doing a thorough inspection on your particular situation, it’s impossible to outline the costs of each service. Factors included in the cost are things like:

  • Permits
  • Restoration costs
  • The required labor
  • Necessary materials

Existing types of water lines:
Over the years, water lines have been made from lead. Many years ago, the EPA determined that lead is not a safe material for water lines, because of that, they cannot be repaired.

It’s always important to review the obvious signs of a water main break, and those are:

  • Water running above the surface of your property, or public sidewalk or roadway.
  • A drop in water pressure throughout your home.
  • A discoloration in your drinking water when no construction is taking place nearby.
  • A loud rumbling sound in your plumbing.
  • Water present in your basement when there are no visible leaks, or recent rainfall.

If you see any of the above signs, take a look to find your water service line. It is usually right near your water meter. Because water mains serve so many people and travel the whole city underground, it is possible that you have the break but it is also possible to be anywhere else in the line ahead of you.

The professionals at E & K Contractors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you experience break in a line that requires immediate attention.  Once the emergency situation is under control, we can then determine which is the best option for you, either a repair or replacement of the water lines.

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