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Catch Basin Drainage

Catch Basin Installation

A catch basin is a type of drainage inlet designed to collect excess rain and storm water runoff from roofs, sidewalks, parking lots, and paved streets.

Catch basin installation is vital to any landscape drainage setup. These grate-covered boxes are available in a range of materials, and sizes, and are placed in low areas of the yard where excess water collects to prevent any drainage problems. Water and solid particles flow into the box, with the solids settling in the bottom. As the water level rises, it reaches the outlet trap and flows into the local sewer system or watershed.

A catch basin is a structure made of precast concrete with a sump that allows solids, trash and debris to settle out to the bottom of the basin, below an outlet pipe that allows water to flow out of the structure. During a heavy rainstorm, a catch basin and sump can become overwhelmed to the point of not enabling trash and debris to settle out. The high rate of water flow can cause the trash and debris to rapidly rise toward the outlet pipe, and since pipes are not typically fitted with hoods or trash-screens, any material that becomes suspended in the water near the outlet pipe can exit the structure though the high rate of discharge flow.

Over time, catch basins fail. Blocks and bricks used to construct your catch basin begin to fail and deteriorate. This is mainly due to water intrusion through cracks in the asphalt surrounding it. The water will undermine and erode the base materials which support the concrete or asphalt.

Winters in Toledo can be rough on catch basins. With the amount of salt used on our roads, it naturally gets carried into parking lots and will begin to deteriorate the mortar that holds the bricks or blocks together, causing them to become loose and fall into the basin.

Once the blocks and bricks are deteriorated, the main structure is no longer secured.  Cars driving, parking over them or even snowplows hitting them will create more stress on the loose bricks or blocks and grates.  This makes the entire top structure sink, creating more liabilities. If the surrounding asphalt or concrete around your catch basin is cracked or heaved, it may be time to get your manhole and catch basin repair done.

If you notice issues surrounding your catch basin, either in your yard or parking lot, we can quickly dispatch a team to shore up the damaged part to cut down on any further damage to the yard. If installed in a parking lot, we can ensure as little disruption to the flow of cars and parking spaces available.

If you do not have one, we can quickly assess the cost of catch basin installation on your property. Your drainage system can be improved exponentially with the use of catch basins. A properly installed, and then regularly maintained catch basin is a huge asset to your property.

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  1. Thanks for the information on catch basins. It’s good to know that there’s a way to prevent drainage issues. I will have to find a contractor that has a custom grate.

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