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Water Lines

Need Sewer Repair? Toledo Residents Deserve the Best Service

E & K Contractors is a licensed Toledo sewer repair company. We’re experienced enough to handle your needs, whether you’re dealing with a new installation, repair, or sewer cleaning. Working with a professional is crucial to ensure the job is done right.


Your sewer system contains wastewater and toxic pollutants, which result in environmental damage if not contained correctly. It’s crucial to work with licensed professionals to perform the work required. Installation and repair of a sewer pipeline is complex and can lead to complications if you don’t follow the city’s guidelines, but we can handle the job.

Is your Toledo sewer system acting up? Do you experience slow drains or smell sewer gas? Please call (419) 474- 8454 to request a consultation today.

Need Sewer Repair
Drain Cleaning Services​

Drain Cleaning Services

Clean drains are essential for your plumbing system, and E & K Contractors offer various services to ensure that everything functions correctly for years to come.


Drain cleaning is one of our specialties, though we’re considered a sewer repair service. Toledo residents can easily fix their blockages when they call us for assistance.

Debris and dirt can easily clog floor drains, but we handle many other blockages, such as:

Sewer Lines - Repairs, Camera Inspections, Cleanings

Sanitary sewers are underground carriage systems designed for transporting sewage from homes and commercial buildings to disposal or treatment through pipes. Over time, they can become clogged, leading to drain problems inside the building.


If you’re experiencing clogged or damaged pipes, our Toledo sewer repair services will help you deal with the problems. We offer affordable prices and can work around your schedule to fix the issue in a timely manner.

Removal of Tree Roots

Many homeowners aren’t aware that tree root removal is a necessity in many cases. Roots from trees and bushes several houses away could damage your home’s sewer line.


If you have tree roots in your sewer line, this is called root intrusion. It often creates significant blockages.


Roots are drawn to the condensation around the pipes and will form in the line over time. Typically, they grow around and alongside the pipe to absorb moisture and can get into the pipes.


You’ll need sewer repairs to remove the tree roots, which will prevent flooding and water backup. Fortunately, our team can help you!

Camera Inspections of Sewer Pipes/Lines

A drain video inspection allows us to visually see what’s happening with your underground pipes and sewer lines to determine the conditions within. We use a flexible fiber-optic cable featuring a video camera on the tip.


Typically, there’s a strong light, and we push the cable gently through the pipe. Its waterproof camera reports the findings to us, allowing us to determine the line’s condition and what’s causing the issue.


Camera inspections are one of the most popular plumbing services with homeowners because they find the issue without a substantial amount of time needed. Ultimately, we discover the problem and can make the necessary repairs faster, offering prompt service.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

People often think of routine line cleaning when they call a sewer repair company. Toledo homeowners can also benefit from our other sewer services, which include:

These things can correct various sewer problems, such as:

Cracked, Collapsed, Offset, and Broken Pipes

You might experience damaged pipes from settling, frozen/thawed ground, and shifting soil.


Grease and soap buildup are the two primary causes of blockages, but a foreign object might also restrict or stop proper flow or cleaning of the lines.

Bellied Pipe

A bellied pipe means a section has sunk because of soil or ground conditions. This creates a valley collecting toilet paper and waste.

Roots in the Sewer Line

Tree and shrub roots might invade your pipes, preventing a routine cleaning. Sometimes, this causes damage, which requires sewer line repair.

Pipe Patch for Sewer Line Repair​

Pipe Patch for Sewer Line Repair

Pipe Patch is a no-dig repair system that works well if you have a break, separation, or crack in a drain pipe that’s 2 inches or larger in diameter.


A conventional repair might require you to break up floors or tear down walls to access the pipe, but Pipe Patch allows us to fix the issue without demolition.


If you experience sewer odor, suspect a hidden leak, or have frequent sewer backups, our sewer repair company in Toledo can determine if Pipe Patch is ideal for you.


When it’s difficult to find drain leaks, we’ll use a Smoke Test to locate them before completing the sewer line repair.


Apart from sewer repairs, we offer hydro-jetting, which is an economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to clean your sewer lines.


We use flexible hoses and pumps to propel ordinary water into your sewer line using different amounts of pressure. This cleans the inner walls and everything else.


Work with E & K Contractors

It’s essential to work with plumbing professionals to clean or repair your sewer lines. E & K Contractors is here to assist.

Contact us today at (419) 474-9454 to request a Toledo sewer repair service or cleaning.

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