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Six Steps For Hiring a Demolition Company

When it comes time to have a building or home torn down, hiring a contractor can be stressful. At E&K Contractors, we believe with proper preparation, your job will go as smoothly as possible. Here’s six steps to take when hiring a demolition company. These simple steps can help avoid some serious stress, and save you money in the long run.

Plan the project
Planning is everything. We recommend that you write everything down. Having everything down on paper, or on the computer, is a key to ensuring that nothing is left out. No matter how small the detail may seem.

To ensure that the structure, whether commercial or residential, is torn down quickly and efficiently, then hiring a demolition company is the only option. It keeps the project on schedule. Demolishing part, or the entire building, is just one step of the entire demolition project. Other considerations include having the materials hauled away in a timely manner.

Another reason to hire a demolition company is because of the many safety factors involved. Demolishing a building comes with many unseen hazards. Falling debris, electrical and gas lines, and plumbing lines all need to be handled by a professional. At E&K Contractors we are experienced and trained to deal with such situations.

Professional Tools and Equipment
Demolishing a structure requires special equipment and tools that only demolition contractors use to take down and haul large pieces of material away. Lead pipes, steel beams, and often times potentially hazardous items as well. We are trained to use the required heavy-duty equipment in order to clear the job site properly.

Waste Management
Demolishing the structure is only part of the job, taking care of the fallen waste and debris is another. We are experts in knowing how certain materials should be disposed. Some of the material could be reusable, some recycled – such as metal and wood pieces. However, certain types of dangerous materials like asbestos need to be handled with care.

Inspection and Quality Assurance
Before the site can be used for the construction of a new building, it’s important to make sure that the area has been properly cleared. Things like toxic waste, shards of metal, glass or other items in the surrounding area, that could harm someone must all be removed. Once the area has been inspected, then further construction can begin.

It’s equally important to note that we make sure that there are no environmental concerns throughout the entire job. We carefully deal with the gas lines and plumbing lines in case of leaks.

If you’re need of such expert demolition services, then contact E&K Contractors and leave the effective completion of the job in our professional hands.