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Functioning Catch Basin

Functioning Catch Basins

Keeping your catch basin functioning properly is the best thing that you can do for your landscape, your home or your business. Standing water is not only damaging, it can be dangerous, and it is unsightly.

A catch basin is an underground structure that is typically made of cinderblocks or brick with a metal sewer cover on top. It’s common practice for the water from sinks, laundry drains, and floor drains would be directed and terminate at the catch basin. The idea for this type of catch basin is to keep certain materials from entering the city sewer system. The heavier material would settle out at the bottom, while lighter debris would float to the top, thus protecting the main sewer line from clogging.  

Roof gutters and downspouts are also commonly connected to catch basins. This allows debris and leaves from the roof to separate out prior to entering the sewer system. Over time, this debris can accumulate in the catch basin, stopping the proper flow. This can cause problems with sewer line blockage or can cause the basement to flood through the floor drains. 

Without catch basins, the standing water on the lawn can promote the growth and multiplication of bacteria and insects, putting your neighbors, family or clients at risk for disease and illnesses. Standing water occurs when the ground becomes oversaturated and can no longer soak any more water. 

Most importantly, water can be detrimental to the foundation of your structure, whether it’s your business or your home.  When a proper drainage system is not installed or well-maintained, water may begin leaking through pressure cracks in the foundation or siding. Once the water makes its way, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.  Having a catch basin installed will help to keep the water draining freely away from the building structure and from the landscape. This becomes especially important during the spring when storm runoff is most prevalent.

The purpose of a catch basin is not just to facilitate in water drainage on your property, but also to maintain a clean and freely flowing plumbing system from the yard to the end site. The drain could flow directly through pipes to the local landfill or water source, but often becomes backed up with additional debris and sediment. The bottom of the catch basin solves this problem.

This is the area where the solid particles collect so they don’t block up the outlet pipes. Regularly cleaning this sediment out of the catch basin is the most important aspect of maintenance. Depending on usage, it may be necessary to have your catch basin cleaned very couple of years. 

Cleaning your catch basin is routine maintenance that is often overlooked. It’s possible to not even be aware that you have catch basins on your properly. If you are unsure of their locations on your property, or believe you have problems, E & K Contractors can expertly find the locations, and determine maintenance needs.