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Water Leak

4 Signs You May Have A Water Leak

Plumbing systems play an important role in our everyday lives. Whether at home, work or just out and about, we use plumbing systems constantly without any thought to their importance. At home, families rely on their systems for cleaning, showering and safe drinking water yet never consider the lifespan and impact of the piping material that is used to deliver that water. Often times, as plumbing systems become older or damaged, it compromises water quality and can even cause system failures which incur costly fixes for the home or building owner.

Unfortunately, because most of our home or businesses piping is not visible, it’s hard to notice issues before a major problem occurs. Many find that they neglect their system for the same reasons based on the fact that most of the plumbing throughout our home or businesses is hidden behind walls and floors. To minimize extensive damage caused by water leaks, keep an eye out for the following four signs which may indicate you have a problem.

An Increased Water Bill

Water bills tend to be consistent based on usage and the time of year. Think about watering your lawn in the summer or filling up your pool and you will obviously see an adjustment in water usage compared to winter months when those applications don’t apply. In general, if you start noticing an increase in your water bill for no apparent reason, you may be experiencing a leak. To confirm if a leak is causing a hike in your bill, try turning off all water points and check if your meter continues to run.

Low Water Pressure

Although there are numerous causes of low water pressure stemming from clogs or faulty valves, there are times where leaks could be to blame. If your shower seems weak or toilets are filling up slower than normal, consider hiring a commercial or residential plumber to inspect for leaks.

Visible Water Damage

The changing of the seasons often brings different varieties of moisture. As winter thaws out, additional water surrounding structures and melting of roofs can cause visible damage to ceilings, drywall and floors. On the other hand, summer typically brings more rain which can also accumulate in areas of our structures causing damage. That being said, leaky pipes are also culprits of damaged ceilings and walls and ignoring the issue will not only devalue the property but can also lead to health hazards.

Musty smells and sagging ceilings need to be inspected immediately to determine the cause before it becomes a health concern. Dampness may support the growth and breeding of microorganisms which is why it’s crucial to have a professional contractor inspect your water lines to ensure there isn’t a leak. Ignoring the issue may result in additional damage and costs which is why it’s vital to be proactive when issues are noticed.

Weird Sounds

You may hear hissing, bubbling or whistling sounds when faucets and appliances are turned off. If you hear gurgling or banging noises from your pipes, you may be experiencing a leak which means it’s time to call your local plumber. Moreover, if your toilet is constantly refilling then the pertinent thing to do is address the situation in order to escape major costs associated with leaky plumbing systems in the future.

Being a home or business owner, or even as a renter, it’s important to be prudent when dealing with water leaks or piping issues. Staying ahead of major leaks can mean avoiding additional costly repairs in the future. Be sure to inspect your systems regularly and monitor anything out of the ordinary to escape issues down the road. As always, being aware of your surrounding will save time, money and stress in the future. If you have any questions simply use the following contact details.