Basin Repair
Storm Basin


Catch basins (or storm basins) are primarily used to collect pavement runoff and act as a junction for a storm drain system. They are constructed with a sump below the pipe invert. The sump collects sediment and debris entering the catch basin through the grate inlet. The collected material is typically removed by hand or by the use of a vactor truck.

Once the asphalt perimeter of a storm basin has been removed, the base is excavated as deep as is necessary to perform the adjustment.

After the catch basin has been installed or repaired, the asphalt perimeter is ready to be patched. Once the surrounding asphalt or concrete apron is replaced, your catch basin will be back to the original engineered specifications.


In some cases, there is no proper drainage in a parking lot. Storm basin installation can be a possible solution in these cases. If there is a place to tie in the drain pipes, or a place to let the water run off, then a storm basin can be installed in the lot.

The proposed area is excavated as needed and a new concrete superstructure is installed.


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