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Working With A Contractor During A Pandemic

Working With A Contractor During A Pandemic

COVID-19 certainly has changed the way we all do business but plumbing and sewer lines don’t care about a health crisis. If an issue arises, it needs to be handled.

From clogged drains to home repairs and more, small businesses like ours are called on in increasing numbers.

During this ongoing health crisis, we want you to know that we are taking all necessary precautions to protect our customers and our employees while we work on your home.

Here are some important tips on working with a contractor during the COVID-19 crisis.

  1. If you have an emergency repair need, call us to set up an appointment. Be sure to ask if anyone has a cough or is experiencing any questionable symptoms. On the other hand, be sure to advise your contractor if you have any symptoms. This mutual consideration will keep us all a bit safer.
  2. Provide shoe covers once a contractor enters your home. This will help keep germs from being dragged throughout the house.
  3. Once a contractor is in your home, stay at least six feet away as he or she examines the problem. After the issue has been identified and the work has been explained, let the contractor do the job. Step away to keep everyone safe.
  4. When paying for service, ask the contractor for the total amount due. If you pay by check, us gloves when you write it out to give your contractor a little more peace of mind. If you pay by credit card, wipe it before handing it over and once you get it back.
  5. Once the contractor leaves, wipe down every surface he or she may have touched, then thoroughly wash your hands.

If you have plumbing concerns, give us a calL We can put together an appointment and plan that keeps everyone safe during this pandemic.


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