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The Handyman’s Home Maintenance Checklist

The Handyman’s Home Maintenance Checklist

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities but most people typically think of the financial aspect first as opposed to the importance of maintenance to keep your home running smoothly. Time and labor are important parts of homeownership so we’ve provided a handy checklist to keep from future headaches and costly repairs.

It may seem like a long list of maintenance chores but many tasks on the list can be done on your own! Of course, if problems arise a professional contractor can help assist with any obstacles that may get in your way. We have certified professionals that can help consult or complete any tasks you may feel uncomfortable undertaking. That being said, let’s take a look at a few preventative maintenance responsibilities that should be scheduled on a regular basis.


  • HVAC – Often overlooked, simple things such as inspecting and replacing filters, when needed, can save the longevity of your unit not to mentioned the expense of repairs or replacing an entire system. Keeping filters clean helps to ensure dust and other debris are not routinely damaging your HVAC system.
  • Kitchen Disposal – You will be amazed the first time you remove your disposal for a thorough cleaning. Liquid dishwasher soap can be used to degrease it, keep the parts moving freely while reducing the chance of odors and smells from building up and seeping back in to the kitchen.


  • Smoke Detectors – Your detector should have a test button that will sound an alarm. If you hear it, your good to go. If not, be sure to replace the battery and check for additional electrical issues if yours is setup that way. Although a simple task, it can be a life saver if you ever need it!
  • Garage Door Safety – Beginning in 1993, all garage doors were required by federal law to have an auto-reverse feature. Test it by placing an object on the floor where the garage would normally close. Once the door hits the object, (make sure it is sturdy enough), it should instantly reverse. Be sure to also check your sensors, they should be aligned properly and reverse a closing garage door should anything cross its path.
  • Drains and Toilets – Mainly focused on guest bathrooms including drains and toilets that are not frequently used. The goal is to eliminate grim by regularly running warm water through drains and flushing toilets to reduce buildup. Plumbing products such as liquids and snakes can also be used for stubborn clogs and mineral deposits.


  • Water Heater – It’s a good idea to have your water heaters pressure relief valve tested to help it run more efficiently. Mineral build up and corrosion can lead to disastrous leaks if not maintained.
  • Refrigerator Coils – It’s best practice to vacuum your coils as this can lead to your refrigerator running more efficiently. This appliance can often use up to 15% of your entire monthly energy bill so keeping the coils clean can not only keep your fridge running longer but can also save you money by reducing energy costs.

These simple tips, although time consuming, can help save money on repairs and replacements as your home and appliances age. By monitoring your home on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, it ensures you stay aware of anything that may need attention in the near future. For a more in-depth checklist, please print out our Home Maintenance Checklist and your home will stay in tip top shape for years to come!

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