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Sewer Line Problems And Causes

Sewer Line Problems And Causes

Have you ever had a sewer line issue? It’s unpleasant, comes with a little warning but often not enough to cause you to take action and is a pain to deal with.

There are a few causes of sewer line problems including:

Tree Roots
These are one of the first things to consider when it comes to damage to your sewer line. Nearby roots are constantly searching for moisture and a sewer line is a great place to find it. Over time, roots can penetrate concrete and PVC pipes and older clay tile pipes are a breeze for roots to damage.

Clogs can happen in a number of ways. Objects dropped into the toilet are a usual culprit but extreme temperatures like we see in Northwest Ohio can also create a clog. When these lines deteriorate, break or buckle, they can clog up the area where once there was a nice even flow.

A bathroom on a lower level of the home or an improper flow of the sewage from your home can raise havoc and cause a backup. If you’ve ever had a sewer overflow in your home, you know how damaging and disgusting this can be.

If you experience any of these issues or have a concern that your sewer line is not operating as it should, call in the professionals before the concern becomes an overwhelming problem. Our team will provide you with an estimate and fast repair to your sewer issue.


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